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Event Alcohol Services

Whether you are serving beer and wine or have a full bar and specialty drinks, Y.Lo Epicure can work with you to take care of all the provisions.

Due to the nature of venue regulations and state laws, Y.Lo Epicure does not maintain a liquor license and therefore does not resell liquor, beer or wine. However, we have established alcohol partners and can manage all of your alcohol arrangements - placing the order, having it delivered, providing all the bar supplies, setting up the bars and pouring the drinks. We believe this is to your advantage as there are no corking fees or additional per-drink charges for the liquor. We work with liquor partners to take back unopened bottles so that you pay only for what your guests consume and what you wish to keep. 

Don't forget the beverages for your non-alcohol drinkers. We can provide non-alcoholic beer as well as non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, soft drinks, sparkling waters or fruit beverages.

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Our goal is to make you look great through:

 - Simple Ordering
 - Fresh Great Tasting Food
 - On-Time Delivery and Set-Up
 - Exceptional Presentation and Service
 - Menus to Accommodate All of Your Picky Eaters

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